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Sounds of India

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Artists from all over the world have been tracking the radical change Indian music has undergone. Since India started taking these giant strides, musicians associated with different styles and genres have been strumming some soul-stirring sounds during their India tour.

In India, the origin of music, indeed sound itself is traced back to the origin of the universe. According to Indian mythology, the first ever sound is the Naadbrahma (Brahma as Sound), which pervades the entire universe. It is the purest sound in the universe and is believed to be unstuck.

Another myth associates the origin of sound (and dance) with the Tandava of Shiva and Onkar. It is said that sage Narada then introduced the art of music to the earth from heaven. Like dance, the origin of the music in India was in devotional songs and was restricted to religious and ritualistic purposes and was mainly used in temples only. This then developed in association with folk music and other musical forms of India and gradually derived its own musical characteristics.

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